Monday Specials
Free Delivery! 8am-2:30p
Saturday 7am-2pm

Daily Specials
all Specials come with a choice of one unless stated
mashed potatoes, French fries, Homemade Chips,
Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Veggie of day,
baked beans or baked apples
with choice of homemade soup

Monday Specials
Free Delivery!

Homemade Meatloaf $7.99
with choice of 2 sides

Chicken Philly  $7.99
with choice of one side

Skyview Turkey $8.99
sliced turkey with cheddar, blue cheese and bacon
pressed on cuban bread
choice of one side

Open Roast Beef $7.99
with choice of two sides

Mushroom Swiss burger $7.99
half pound fresh chuck
with choice of 1 side

Chef Salad $7.99
with choice of dressing

Homemade Soup
Chicken Noodle
Beef Barely